We’re moving

If you’re interested in more posts reflecting on teaching, online lesson ideas, gaining further TESOL qualifications, developing listening, classroom interaction etc. etc. do head on over and subscribe to get all the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. Some of the TD Lab posts will be updated and migrate over to dublintefl so all your favourites will be found there. Fear not, however, we won’t be deleting this blog, so you can still access posts in their original format should you wish. Hope to see you soon on http://www.dublintefl.com Continue reading We’re moving

CAE Inexpert: Class 1 – Needs Analysis and Lesson Planning

Since getting into teacher training, I’ve long been interested in the theory-praxis gap. How is it that what we preach as trainers doesn’t always match what we practise? How should things be and how are they really? My first three-hour class gives me food for thought in terms of planning and needs analysis. Planning – how it should be: I have 20 years ELT experience. I’m a teacher trainer. I spend a lot of my time marking and coaching people through course design assignments for Delta Module 3. Many of these are specialised on exam classes and/or young learners. I … Continue reading CAE Inexpert: Class 1 – Needs Analysis and Lesson Planning

CAE Inexpert: Back to the chalkface

Back to school. Back to the whiteboard. Back to basics. Back to the future (perfect passive continuous). Back to the blog… It’s been around 18 months since we posted anything on this blog. Funnily enough, our son is 18 months old. I wonder if that has anything to do with it…. This academic year, I thought I’d have another stab at sustaining regular posts. This year I have a class of teenagers studying for the CAE exam. Most of the time these days I work in teacher training on Delta and CELTA courses. Last year I had very few classes … Continue reading CAE Inexpert: Back to the chalkface