CAE Inexpert: Class 1 – Needs Analysis and Lesson Planning

This is the only ‘formal’ needs analysis I did in the first class. The most important thing for me in this first class was to get to know the students, to remember their names and who they are as individuals. Apart from serving as a data collection activity, the added advantage of this peer needs analysis was that it allowed for rapport building between the students (some of whom had previously met but some who had not) and for me to gauge how they performed in terms of spoken interaction. They enjoyed the activity and I realise that this is … Continue reading CAE Inexpert: Class 1 – Needs Analysis and Lesson Planning

CAE Inexpert: Back to the chalkface

Back to school. Back to the whiteboard. Back to basics. Back to the future (perfect passive continuous). Back to the blog… It’s been around 18 months since we posted anything on this blog. Funnily enough, our son is 18 months old. I wonder if that has anything to do with it…. This academic year, I thought I’d have another stab at sustaining regular posts. This year I have a class of teenagers studying for the CAE exam. Most of the time these days I work in teacher training on Delta and CELTA courses. Last year I had very few classes … Continue reading CAE Inexpert: Back to the chalkface

Grasping The Nettle

IATEFL Glasgow 2017 It was a good conference for listening and phonology, this.¬†Standout sessions from John Field, Sheila Thorn, Richard Cauldwell, Mark Hancock. Sandy Millin’s given a great roundup over here, as ever. I was pleased to have a good audience for the final session on Friday – including some of the very people who inspired me to get more into listening and receptive phonology in the first place. As usual, the original ideas in the talk were rarely my own. Even the title – it’s lifted from an article¬†by Richard Cauldwell. After a run through the background literature, and … Continue reading Grasping The Nettle